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Easter is as good an excuse as an any, we suppose, to roll out some good budget airfares. This year, German low-cost carriers TUIfly and Condor decided to turn Easter into a low-fare face-off.

TUIfly’s sales are only good until midnight tonight in Germany, while Condor’s go on sale from 10 a.m. Thursday, March 22 until midnight Saturday, March 24.

TUIfly’s sale started out with 499,999 fares priced at €19.99 and €49. Sample €19.99 fare destinations include Berlin, Milan, Naples, and Thessaloniki; sample €49 destinations include Tenerife and Gran Canaria. These fares include all taxes, and those interested should hurry—remaining promo fares are only available for a few more hours.

Condor’s fares are good for travel from April through October. They include 100,000 €29 and €99 fares, with fares including all taxes and surcharges. €29 destinations include Mallorca, Madrid, Naples, and Rome; €99 destinations include Dubai, Fort Myers, Mombasa, and Santo Domingo.

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About the author: Alex Robertson Textor is a London-based travel writer and editor. He has written for Rough Guides, the New York Times, and Public Books, among other publications; he also guided the tablet magazine Travel by Handstand to two SATW Foundation Lowell Thomas Travel Journalism awards. With Pam Mandel, he writes copy and generates ideas as White Shoe Travel Content. He is on Twitter as @textorian and maintains his own blog,

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3 thoughts on “Germany: Easter Fares”

  1. We neglected to mention, in our comment above (for Jim Robertson) that the €58 return fare we quoted (from to Berlin to Krakow and back) is available online from the Deutsche Bahn at If you prefer to use a US based-agent, then you can buy tickets for exactly the same trains for $205 return (including $18 shipping) from Another fine example, we might add, of how North Americans are often seduced into paying massively over the odds for European rail travel.
    Nicky & Susanne

  2. In reply to Jim’s comment above, Berlin is by far the best airport of the three to fly into in terms of connections to Krakow. The fare by train from Berlin Hauptbahnhof to Krakow is €29 single or €58 return if you book well in advance. That fare is presently available for the dates you mention. The train journey from Berlin to Krakow is an interesting one, taking about ten hours each way. Paris and Amsterdam are very much further distant from Krakow.

    Comments by Susanne & Nicky, who are together the editors of hidden europe magazine and regular contributors to EuroCheapo. Find out more about the magazine on

  3. Looking for a cheap train fare from either Paris (CDG) or Berlin or Amsderdam Airports to Krakow, Poland on Sunday 4/19/09. Returm by train to airport in one of those cities on Saturday 4/25/08


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