BerlinerLuft: Going Postal in Berlin

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Berlin’s arresting cityscape goes from neo-Classical pomposity to socialist showcase and everywhere in between on its warp-speed journey towards the City of the Future. Berlin is an adventure for any architecture lover, with surprises and juxtapositions waiting around every corner. And Berliners take their architecture seriously. Strident debates over the public face of the ever-changing city are ongoing.

You can take a little bit of this architectural obsession home with you or mail it to your friends in the form of BerlinerLuft‘s 3-D architectural model postcards. Fallen in love with East Berlin’s famous TV tower? Get out your scissors and glue and build your own tiny Fernsehturm. Further offerings include the Brandenburg Gate and the Jewish Museum.

The postcards are authentic pieces of Berlin style in and of themselves, with fine details thoroughly researched and designed by two architects based in the city’s trendy Prenzlauer Berg district. BerlinerLuft has also begun featuring postcards of notable buildings in Vienna, Prague, and a number of German cities.

If you feel like doing Berlin bigger, Faltplatte also offers larger-format architectural models for assembly.

Design that demands. BerlinerLuft and Faltplatte are the perfect ambassadors for Berlin.

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