Happy Namnsdag, Torsten!

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photograph courtesy of Joe_Lanman
photograph courtesy of Joe_Lanman

We’re in love with the European tradition of name days—popular in Nordic countries such as Sweden and Finland. It works like this: You have a name. Your name has a day. On your name’s day, you celebrate!

In Sweden, many day planners or calendars include “namnsdagar,” along with the usual holidays. You can look up your name—or at least a Swedish approximation of it—online. This will require working through a little svenska, but we’re sure you’re up to it. Try www.dagensnamnsdag.nu. Swedish Wikipedia has a good list too, divided into male names and female names.

Today, Feb. 23, celebrates the Torstens of the world. So if your name means Thor’s stone (and we hope it does), then it’s time to get your party on.

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