Hidden Rome: Monteverde Vecchio

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Photograph by jenojenny
Photograph by jenojenny

Take the 44 bus from Piazza Venezia and you’ll find the unimaginable: a slice of Rome untouched by tourists.

Monteverde Vecchio, situated on Rome’s highest peak, is almost exclusively residential. Shopping is limited to neighborhood establishments. In addition to priceless views from Janiculum Hill, Monteverde offers a snapshot of everyday Roman life.

Get off the 44 just after passing through the set of arches, and make sure to arrive hungry. Across the street, the Archi Bar serves Peroni and acceptable panini to American University of Rome students. Just around the corner on Via Carini, Pizzeria da Simone serves the best pizza al taglio in Rome.

Afterwards, walk west down one of the side streets towards shop-lined Viale di Villa Pamphili, stopping along the way in little specialty stores. From there, check out Villa Doria Pamphili, Rome’s largest public park. Villa Pamphili also has plenty to see: sculptured gardens, vine-tangled statuary, and multiple villas, including the massive Baroque Casino and an antiquities museum in Villa Vecchia.

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