How much does food cost in Barcelona?


How much do things cost in Barcelona?
Get a good bottle of wine at the grocery store for less than €5. Photo by Regina W Bryan

As a visitor to Barcelona, you’re counting out your euros, dollars, pesos, or whatever currency you earn in, and wondering: how far is this going to get me in Barcelona? Good question. For one thing, it depends if you buy your food, snacks, coffee, beer, etc. in a cafe, hotel mini-bar or supermarket.

While I’ve mentioned some great ideas for ultra-cheap meals in other posts, here’s a look at the cost of everyday items you might want to buy at a grocery store. Most of these can easily be kept in your hotel room and all will save you some some serious moolah. (Also be sure to also check out this post on Barcelona’s grocery stores.)

Foods easily stored in a hotel room that don’t require refrigeration: 

• a bunch of bananas from the Canary Islands (5): €2.70
• a bottle of Raimat wine: €4.45
• a bag of 4 peaches: €1.20 (seasonal)
• mandarin orange juice: €1.02
• bar of chocolate: ¢.82
• large “gordal” olives: €2.50

Let’s say you’ve got a mini fridge in your room:

• a six-pack of Moritz beer, made in Barcelona: €5.
• a can of Coke: ¢.56
• a bottle of white Blume wine: €3.50
• five tomatoes on the vine: €2.02
• a tub of hummus: €1.39
• three herbed goat cheese rolls: €3.75
• can of “bonito,” a sort of tuna fish:€1.82
• a baguette of white bread: ¢.60
• a baguette of homemade, cereal bread: €1.20 (or more)
• pack of 4 yogurts, locally produced: €1.47

Have your coffee at the hostelLet’s say you can use a kitchen, because you’re staying at a hostel with kitchen access (like the Itaca & Hostel One Paralelo):

• brick of tofu: €2.60
• box of brown rice: €1.85
• large box of Barilla pasta: €2.20
• liter of milk from Catalonia: ¢.84
• strong coffee: €2.90
• pasta sauce in a jar: ¢.84

Perk up!

If you have a kitchen at your hostel, you’ll save big having coffee in every morning. A coffee with milk in a cafe would cost you €1.50 -€2, yet, to do it yourself:

• the entire 250 grams of espresso roast coffee: about €2.80
• a liter of milk ¢.84

Clearly, it adds up fast. If you don’t, I also have some suggestions for cheapo places to grab a good breakfast or brunch.

Do-it-yourself lunch

Also, if lunch out in Barcelona costs €10-€15 a person, it makes good budget sense to buy:

• some noodles: €2.20
• pasta sauce: ¢.84
• bottle of Blume wine: €3.50
• some bread: ¢.60

And now, voila!, you’ve got yourself a respectable lunch for four for about €2 each.

You’re welcome!

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Regina W Bryan

About the author: Regina W.Bryan is a Barcelona-based freelance writer and photographer. When not eating tapas and exploring Europe, she is tending her balcony veggie garden and practicing Catalan. For more of her thoughts on Spain, check: and

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4 thoughts on “How much does food cost in Barcelona?”

  1. Thanks for this information! We ( family of 4)will be staying in an apartment near Universitat. Do you know where there is a supermarket and good place to buy food in the area?

  2. Great post Regina!

    Prices are about the same here in Florence, Italy. The only major difference would be for the pasta, which is VERY cheap like .40 cents / 500g (euro) for the cheaper brands found at local supermarkets here (like Coop and Esselunga). I’d also ask about the the specialty foods found in the region you are in … as they are best eaten in that region and they would normally be cheaper as well ;-)


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