Where to find free Wi-Fi in London

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There once was a time when spending time in London as a tourist meant spending endless hours in Internet cafes. With the expansion of Wi-Fi zones throughout the city, this reality is quickly changing, with laptops increasingly counting as essential travel gear.

If you’re in Islington, Upper Street has free Wi-Fi access and a ton of cafes. Just stay away from Starbucks and Cafe Nero, as they charge. Get a tea for a quid and type away.

A stone’s throw from Leciester Square, Suburb in Soho does free Wi-Fi.

If outside of central London, you can find free Wi-Fi in a host of local cafes—in all Natural Cafes for example.

Wififreespot.com offers a small selection of places but our rule of thumb is that newer and forward-thinking hotel lobbies and cafes are golden. The latter happily give the stuff away to get customers, whilst the latter are keen to challenge Starbucks for patrons.

Warchalking has listings of several cafes and hotels. (We highly recommend the National Hotel.) My Hotspots apparently helps you find free Wi-Fi but we didn’t find it to be very useful. Rumors have it that the City (square mile) will soon go wireless but no doubt it won’t be free. University wireless access is also typically out of bound, as it usually requires a password.

No more 2 quid for 20 minutes of internet! Get a coffee or bowl of porridge and eat, type for hours and be merry.

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