Hungary: Puffs of Nostalgia

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Steam engine tourist train

Photograph by Conundrum37

The elegance and nostalgia of the steam train can warm even the most unromantic hearts. Recognising this, Hungarian State Railways is offering the chance to step back into the Belle Époque of rail travel with its “nosztalgia” train excursions.

There are a wide variety of excursions to choose from: a candle-lit romantic meal with live music; day trips to the Danube Bend or Esztergom, ancient coronation city of the Hungarian kings; “photo journeys” through the most beautiful Hungarian countryside, stopping at landmarks and views.

Prices are very reasonable, even for rail Cheapos like us. The day trip to the Danube Bend, for example, costs just HUF2800 (€11.20; $14.90) in first class, and your ticket includes coffee in your own compartment and entrance to the Visegrad castle.

The magnificent king of steam trains, the Royal Hungarian Express, undertakes longer trips to Bulgaria, Istanbul, Slovakia, Poland, Bosnia, and the Dalmatian coast—but prices for these luxury offers are considerably higher!

Visit the nostalgia train Web site for details.

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