Icelandair Gives You (Smart)Wings

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Photo by Dutch_Simba
Photo by Dutch_Simba

Good news for fans of SmartWings (EuroCheapo readers may remember it as the LCC operating out of Prague that isn’t SkyEurope). the carrier is set to triple in size. Icelandair recently signed a letter of intent to buy the carrier and the company that operates it, Travel Service. The process is meant to be complete by the end of the summer, when Icelandair will acquire 50 percent of the company.

SmartWings lags behind SkyEurope in the region, though it has more of a presence in Prague’s Ruzyne airport—it’s second only to CSA there. The purchase is an encouraging sign for both SmartWings and the airport itself, which has suffered as Prague has fallen by the wayside for some carriers as a budget destination in favor of the eternally cheaper Bratislava. Perhaps LCC flights between Iceland and Prague are in the cards as well?

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