iPhone in Europe: Information for Verizon customers

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Verizon's international plans are bit different from AT&T's. Photo: Tourist Republic
Verizon's international plans are bit different from AT&T's. Photo: Tourist Republic

Note: This article is part of a series on Using an American iPhone in Europe… without Going Broke.

Since 2011, Verizon has offered the iPhone to its customers. Verizon’s international rates are comparable to AT&T’s, but Verizon’s data plans are a bit pricier.

Making international phone calls on Verizon’s iPhone 4S

For the international traveler, Verizon’s $4.99/month Global Value Plan discounts phone calls and text messages. In France and throughout much of Europe, international calls are charged $1.29/minute without the plan, and $.99/minute on the Global Value Plan.

Sending a text message in France costs $.50, and receiving one costs $.05.

International data plans for the Verizon iPhone 4S

Verizon only offers one international data plan, which charges $25 for every 100 MB you use.

The Verizon iPhone 4 hiccup

Important: Verizon iPhone 4 (not 4S) users will not be able to make phone calls, send texts or access the Internet or e-mail when traveling in Europe because of a network issue. This isn’t the case for all travel outside the States, but is unfortunately true for travel to most European countries.

However, using Wi-Fi networks will still work. The best bet for Verizon’s iPhone 4 users would be to put the phone on “airplane mode” and turn off data roaming just in case (see our tips below).

If you do need a smart phone abroad and are a Verizon customer with the iPhone 4, there is another option. Verizon offers a Global Travel Program that allows business travelers to rent smartphones that will work abroad.

Verizon’s “Trip Planner”

The best bet is to use the trip planner service on Verizon’s website for exact rates, plans and availability.

Also, remember to cancel your international plans as soon as you return. Otherwise you could be paying a hefty price for services you aren’t using.

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  1. I’m going to Italy and I am under contract with Verizon. If I bring my Samsung S3 to Italy and replace the SIM with a local one, should I be able to use it? I tried it once and it did not work… Is it because my phone is locked? Will it become unlocked when the 2-year contract period expires?

  2. So very important to know that the iPhone 4S does indeed have a glitch! We just experienced this with a child who traveled abroad to Ireland and England. The phone does not work and dealing with Verizon was very difficult. In fact many of their people at Global Support did not understand the problem. It took several calls before they were able to find a competent person who admitted that it was their fault. We did all the suggested steps before she left too. If you have an iPhone 4S through Verizon you need to make other arrangements. She contacted us using wi-fi through her hotels when she could.


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