Ireland Flash: Saving Euros with Student Cents

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Students in the know know that Students Cents makes sense.

If you are studying abroad or taking a summer semester in Ireland, you’ll save big bucks by registering at Student Cents and getting great deals on meals, drinks, accommodation, and even huge competition prizes. Or you can wander around your campus in the hopes that you’ll be handed something great, for free.

Don’t be put off by the Web site. Student Cents sends out a great newsletter with up to the minute deals and steals that you won’t want to miss. Besides, think of all the competition prizes Student Cents is buying up with the money saved on expensive Web design!

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One thought on “Ireland Flash: Saving Euros with Student Cents”

  1. Joanna Mc Grath

    I would have to agree with student cents its a good site, I would also say to anyone that want to save a few quid to get onto they offer a wide range of student discounts, I found a nice little Beauty Salon in rathgar with massive student discounts.


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