Italy: Looking for a little latte? Try a marocchino!


Annie stopping for a marocchino
Photo by Annie Shapero

According to Starbuck’s Chairman Howard Shultz, he was greatly inspired by the good times and camaraderie of Italian cafés. Today, the company tries to emulate that ambiance. Too bad it doesn’t emulate the prices, as well!

In Italy, cafés charge far less for coffee and related coffee drinks (free of whipped, caramelized toppings, natch) than Starbucks, where a simple latte can cost $3. However, we have noticed that Italian cafés do bump up their prices on lattes around tourist hubs, so beware.

One tip: A caffé marrocchino costs the same as an espresso (from 65 cents to €1). The delightful drink comes in the same little cup, and is topped with hot, frothy milk and a dash of cocoa powder! Simply delightful.

About the author

Annie Shapero was born and raised in the cosmopolitan oasis of Columbia, Missouri. A call to the big city brought her to Chicago, where she pursued a degree at DePaul University's theatre conservatory. Four years of "rigorous, professional" training and a minor in Italian language led her to her next destination: Rome, a city of natural born tragedians with a flair for comedy. There she put her dreams of Broadway stardom on hold and took up a wild series of careers (including "marketing strategist" for an edible Egyptian insecticide). Eventually, she found her niche: writing for "WHERE Magazine Rome." When not in Rome, Annie hops about the Mediterranean, indulging in the local gastronomic and dance traditions. Ole´!

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