Kecskemet: Hungary’s Architectural Masterpiece

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Photo by GoGap
Photo by GoGap

Kecskemét, 86 kilometers from Budapest in the center of Hungary, possesses arguably the most beautiful town center in the entire country. Almost every building on the main square is art nouveau. The finest examples are the Town Hall and the new college, which houses elementary and high schools specializing in music education and named in honor of Hungarian composer Zoltán Kodály.

The town has other treasures, too. It is home to the Pálinka Museum, where, for HUF1250 (€4,90; $6.60), you can take a tour of the original and modern schnapps distilleries.

We recommend you finish a trip to Kecskemét with a visit to a wonderful Rrench restaurant, the Montmartre Francia Étterem, located at the charming mill centre (Malom Központ 3).

To get to Kecskemétfrom Budapest take a direct train from Nyugati (West) Station. The journey takes 85 minutes and costs a mere HUF1770 (€7; $9.30.)

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Melanie lives in Budapest with her Hungarian husband and two daughters, Rose and Thea. She teaches English and Psychology in an International School in the city and is studying for a Masters Degree in Children's Literature.

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