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Horserace on a Frozen Lake in Åre
photograph courtesy of Viven Kim Thorp

Through February 18th, the little Swedish ski hamlet of Åre is hosting the 2007 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships. Visitors from Lebanon to Austria are there—a contingent of the latter has even set up a tent bar on the town square!

We’ve been lucky enough to visit Åre three times. Heck, we learned to ski there last year! The tiny lakeside town, an hour from the Norwegian border a daily Swedish paper—made note of Åre’s transformation in a recent article.

Åre is fairly easy to visit. You can board a sleeper train in Stockholm or Arlanda airport or fly to Östersund and catch a train or bus. Either way, you’ll end up smack in the middle of town, just across the street from the massive Holiday Club hotel.

We’ll be back on Friday with tips and suggestions for making the most of Åre.

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Vivien Kim Thorp got her first taste of travel aboard Caribbean-bound cruises, leaving from her native Florida. While these trips resulted in a life-long aversion to cruise ships, they did whet her appetite to see the world. (One could even call it an addiction.) Since then, she has traveled throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean, and the Americas, though her heart belongs to Southeast Asia. Her most recent thrills include driving a team of sled dogs in northern Sweden, diving with manta rays in Komodo, and wandering through the Temples of Karnak in Luxor. She recommends adding the following items to your "try it at least once" list: raw horse meat, fried spiders, and bear carpaccio. Vivien has a bachelor's degree in English and Asian American Studies from U.C. Berkeley and is working on earning a master's degree from the University of Missouri’s School of Journalism.

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