Kindle Krazy: Groovy E-Book Reader for Travelers or Just a Pricey Gadget?

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Jeff Bezos, CEO of, was in town yesterday and it wasn’t just to swing by EuroCheapo’s HQ for a cup of joe (where’s the love Jeff? Next time.) Rather, he officially launched an e-book reader called “Kindle” that lets users download bestselling books for $9.99 and is apparently easier to use and better designed than other electronic readers currently on the market.

It took Amazon three years to develop the reader, which is either a sign of intense dedication or a little too much YouTubin’ distraction, but we’ll give them three cheers for bringing this product to market. After all, this little reader could be a blessing to travelers, allowing us to travel with all of our favorite books with minimal effort.

Kindle Pros: It doesn’t need to hook up to your computer; downloading a book takes about a minute and occurs wirelessly via Sprint without an additional charge (the fee is part of the $9.99); the screen has schnazzy techology that lets you read it with ease in direct sunlight; it has a long battery life and generates very little heat, so you can let the sun burn your thighs at the beach rather than the Kindle.

Kindle Kons: It costs $399…that’s a lotta kash; it lets you subscribe to around 300 blogs, too, but only if you pay a couple bucks extra per month. Hmmmm, aren’t blogs usually, well, free?

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