Krakow Cheap Eats: Zapiekanka!

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A tasty zapiekanka. Photo by Ania i Artur Nowaccy.
A tasty zapiekanka. Photo by Ania i Artur Nowaccy.

Of course, we love Döner kebabs just as much as the next street food enthusiast, but when a country has another inexpensive snack food offering, we’re head over heels in cheap eats heaven.

Introducing zapiekanka!

Such is the case in Poland, where zapiekanka is an everyday, street food favorite. The tasty treats are made by slicing a baguette in half, adding vegetables and meats, topping with cheese, and then toasting to melt the cheese. Lastly, ketchup (and sometimes mayonnaise) is liberally applied.

The name “zapiekanka” is derived from the Polish word for “to bake,” and the food is sometimes considered the Polish equivalent of pizza. These cheapies are found both in restaurants and fast food booths, where the ingredients range from simple to more gourmet offerings.

Endzior, a zapiekanka stall in Krakow’s Plac Nowy, is a standby for lovers of this Polish treat, both locals and tourists alike. Expect to spend around 3-7 PLN (.70-1.60 €).

Tell us!

Have you had a zapiekanka experience? Do you have another favorite Polish snack food? Tell us about it in the comments section!

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10 thoughts on “Krakow Cheap Eats: Zapiekanka!”

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE Zapiekanka…cheap, hot and delish! nice substitute for when you’re craving a slice of pizza but dont have the option to order by the slice…

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  4. I second the zapiekanka recommendation. I found them serendipitously, when sudden downpour forced me to take cover at the intersection of Stradomska and Josefa Dietla near the Jewish district. There I succumbed to the pleasures of a steaming zapiekanka, loaded with salad and pickles too for 4 Zlotys.

    Another cheap and good food option is to take the #4 tram, and then bus to IKEA. Outside IKEA, they have grills set-up, with really yummy food for 3-7 PLZ. Just don’t ask me why I went to IKEA in Krakow :).

    Great blog! I wish I had seen this before my Europe trip.

  5. Love it, but beware, Polish ketchup has a slightly different flavor than that sold/eaten in the U.S. A bit of ketchup is necessary to give flavor with the cheese and mushrooms that are prominent parts of this.

  6. I was in Krakow a few summers ago and regret having missed these. My credit union shut me out from every ATM in Poland, and I think these snacks would have sustained me for a few days on what little cash I had. Although I think I would have wanted to go easier on the ketchup.


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