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Krakow's Market Square. Photo by Lars K. Jensen
Krakow's Market Square. Photo by Lars K. Jensen

People of Cheapo: low-priced communist-era souvenirs are legal for export from Krakow. After all, nothing will help you commemorate your trip to the city quite like a piece of Cold War nostalgia.

Collectables for comrades

Multiple open-air markets around the formerly-communist Krakow are a feast for bargain-hunters. Medals, pins, and statuettes featuring the many faces of Lenin can be found at affordable prices.

The Old Kleparz Market is nearest to the city center. On Tuesday and Friday, you’ll find interesting old trinkets for sale. (On other days, the market sells food, flowers and clothes.)

The vendor scene on Grzegorzecka Street near the Market Hall is the busiest in Krakow, and you’ll find books and unearthed antique treasures every Sunday. (On other days, you’ll find meat, fruits and vegetables for sale.)

More vendors sell their wares at the Tomex Market in Nowa Huta, while Krakow’s antique dealers are mainly located around the Platy gardens.

Note: Although we recommend picking up some cheapo communist bric-a-brac, especially valuable antique items predating 1945 are illegal for export without special permission. However, items of lesser value from this period are not only safe for export, but plentiful.

While you’re at it…

Hit the Propaganda Pub, located at 20 Miodowa, for a beer. The walls are covered and the tables are chock full of communist memories.

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5 thoughts on “Krakow cheap souvenir: Communist mementos”

  1. If you wish to buy a folk souvenir, the best and the nearest place is Sukiennice (the historical Cloth Hall) right in the middle of the Main Square. There are market stalls with plenty of traditional handcrafted gifts and folk art.

  2. I’m hoping to book a cheap weekend break to Krakow in December, around the time of the Christmas markets. It’s got a lot of character and thankfully doesn’t seem to have been ruined by drunken hen and stag parties.


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