List: Dutch Treats

It’s overcast and rainy where we are. So we’re thinking of the Netherlands. Sue us.

Here’s a little list of current Dutch gems.

1. Ahead of the game, Dutch budget holiday boutique VakantieXperts has published their Winter Guide. Those in NL might want to stop by a shop and start dreaming of snow.

2. A frighteningly enormous Lego Man has appeared in Zandvoort. Thanks for freaking us out, Amherstdam.

3. Our guiltiest pleasure right now is Monique Smit’s “Wild,” a fluffy bit of Nederpop, currently at Number 18 in the Dutch Mega Top 50.

4. Leafe Sawntjin, a restaurant located in the fields of Friesland, looks like a great place to blow a weekly travel budget.

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About the author: Bitten by the travel bug at 11, Alex Robertson Textor has fond childhood memories of ultracheap Spanish hotels (the kind with Styrofoam shelving) and supermarket lunches scarfed on park benches. Formerly an academic, Alex has spent the last several years redirecting his professional life into full-time travel journalism and editing. He has published articles in the New York Times, Guardian Unlimited, Condé Nast Traveler, Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel, and the San Francisco Bay Guardian, among other publications.
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