Midweek Notables: TUIfly, Ryanair, Montenegro

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What’s notable at midweek?

1. TUIfly may be in a financially shaky place, but they’re pulling out all the stops to get more people on board. They’ve just announced an “All you can fly” promotion, which runs €199. For your euros, you get unlimited travel between selected TUIfly destinations. These include 14 destinations in Germany, Paris, Valencia, Bilbao, Rome, Stockholm, Dubrovnik, and Basel—among 44 destinations in total.

The catch? You’ve got to be between 16 and 26 years of age—with valid student identification—to take advantage. We scoured the fine print for evidence that non-EU students might not be eligible and came up with nothing, though the deal is only promoted on the German-language version of the TUIfly site. The “All” ticket can be booked through August 31, and is good for flights through October 31.

2. Is Ryanair back in expansion mode? The Irish low-cost carrier announced six new routes from Dublin today. In October, Dublin-Basel, Dublin-Budapest, and Dublin-Szczecin routes will kick off; these will be followed in November by Dublin-Katowice, Dublin-Nice, and Dublin-Prague routes. Ryanair is also amping up flight frequency on 12 routes from Dublin. These include Dublin-Bratislava, Dublin-Manchester, Dublin-Riga, and Dublin-Tenerife.

3. Montenegro has announced tourist numbers for the first half of 2007. The newly-independent republic saw over 261,000 visitors during the first six months of the year, almost 210,000 of these visitors foreign.

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One thought on “Midweek Notables: TUIfly, Ryanair, Montenegro”

  1. First it was 7 routes from Budapest. Now ryanair are flying to Prague and Nice. They already fly to places that they claim to be nearby (e.g. Brno, Toulon and Balaton).
    They won’t want to go head-to-head in competition yet with Easyjet to Prague and Nice from London, so routes from Dublin should make a good testing ground.
    The likes of Prague and Nice are not going to be giving ryanair any kind of cheap deals – otherwise their existing airlines would demand the same treatment.

    It can only mean that o’leary’s decided that with all the planes he has on order from Boeing, he does need to fly to city airports rather than those miles from anywhere after all


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