London: A Cheapo’s introduction to delicious British food


Mothermash London
Sausage and mash at Mothermash. Photo: Kate Pugh

By Nina Derham in London—

Now the Brits don’t have a great reputation for the quality of their cuisine, but in the last few years there has been an explosion of “gastropubs” and swanky eateries in London, all of which pride themselves on serving up hearty traditional British fare, making Brit cuisine incredibly fashionable and often shockingly pricey.

But you don’t need to fork over a fortune for a plate of traditional grub. Here are three central eateries that offer time-tested fare at reasonable prices.

26 Ganton Street
London W1F 7QZ
Web site

Whilst “bangers and mash” appear on most pub menus, few restaurants specialize in mashed potatoes. Mothermash is one of those few and makes for a great introduction to this famous British staple. For £7.50 you can choose from classic mash, cheesy mash, cheesy mustard mash, champ mash, colcannon mash and horseradish mash. The mash is then accompanied by your choice of tasty sausages (pork and leek, lamb and mint or beef and Guinness to name but a few) and flavorsome gravy.

For £1 extra you can swap sausages for a tasty pie (another Brit favorite) for an even more filling meal. Located just off Carnaby Street, this is a great little option when you need a break from the shops.

The Princess of Shoreditch
76 Paul Street
London EC2A 4NE
Web site

This trendy gastropub is a hugely popular option for British food in London’s fashionable East End. The Princess serves up delicious food all week long, but Sunday is the day to visit if you are hoping to make like a local and indulge in a good old Sunday Roast. Roasts start at £13 for pork belly and go up to £15.50 for an unusual “mixed roast,” a sampling of roast chicken, beef and pork all on the same plate. Make sure you leave room to try the amazing deserts–the sticky toffee pudding and apple and plum crumble are highly recommended.

The Butlers Wharf Chop House
The Butlers Wharf Building
36e Shad Thames
London SE1 2YE
Web site

Tucked away in Butler’s Wharf this classy restaurant’s location certainly has the wow factor, boasting exceptional views of Tower Bridge and The Thames. Rather than heading into the more formal dining room, bag a table in the cozy bar area where you can eat from the excellent value “Best of British” bar menu. For £14 you can enjoy a glass of house wine and three generous courses of traditional British fare, ranging from soups and cottage pie to more adventurous options like ox tongue salad and deviled lambs kidneys! A bargain.

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Nina Derham

About the author: Nina is a freelance travel writer who will leave no stone unturned in her quest to discover the very best on offer in a destination. She recently relocated to London after spending over four years in Madrid and is currently enjoying rediscovering her home town.

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  1. Very helpful list! Cheap and great food in London is not common, so anytime I find a place that serves tasty and authentic meals at low prices, I ought to try it. Thanks for sharing!


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