London bars mix it up


Cocktails a-hoy!

Sex and the City” fan(atic)s might think that New York is the apex of martini culture, but the New York Times reports that these $10+ potions may actually be considered a bit weak.

According to the article, even Manhattan bartenders have begrudgingly admitted that their London counter-parts are now mixing up some of the world’s greatest concoctions.

Why London? Wasn’t that pub territory? Over the past ten years, bars across London have begun mixing it up more and more with top shelf liquors that were once found exclusively at swankier establishments. Some of the thirstiest bars have hundreds of varieties in storage.

The expert bartenders splash them together, throw in some freshly-squeezed juice, pure mineral-water ice, speared green olives…

Thirsty? Choose from this list. We’ll meet you at the bar.

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Laura's intro to international travel began with a study abroad program in 2003, living in a 12th-century medieval castle in Well, the Netherlands. Every weekend, Laura traveled extensively around Europe, staying in dark, windowless, 12-bedded dorms... Ah, sweet memories! After completing her BFA degree in writing, literature and publishing from Emerson College, Laura moved to New York City and joined the crew of EuroCheapo. Although her travel these days is mostly limited to taking the Chinatown bus between Philadelphia, New York and Boston, she dreams of returning to Europe soon.

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