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Do Londoners have bad manners? Hard to believe that the country that coined the Royal we could be so self-centered. But, a new video feature on London’s BBC World News today reports that Londoners may be ruder than ever. And, we don’t mean in a London rude boy Ali G gangsta sort of way.

Reporter Christopher Middleton says the perception is that the current generation of Londoners are rude, impatient and intolerant. In a short video report, he puts the idea to a test. For example, during one short bit, he asks people to form an orderly queue at a bus stop and is met with a less than appealing response.

The good news is, Middleton says, if you go up to most people in London and show them you’re not a lunatic, chances are good you’ll share a nice chat and learn something.

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About the author: Meredith earned an MFA in fiction writing at The New School in New York City. Her feature stories and articles have appeared in Ladies' Home Journal, American Baby, Self, Bridal Guide, Time Out New York, Fitness and more. She joined EuroCheapo in summer 2007.

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