London: Hoxton Hotel, rooms for one pound

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hoxton 1 pound

Okay, so they’re not always that cheap. But if you sign up for The Hoxton Urban Lodge‘snewsletter, you’ll be alerted when they do have room sales. Just click here, and get on the mailing list to be alerted when £1 rooms are up for the taking. Hell, even when rooms aren’t a pound, they usually hover between £59 and £79—cheap in London.

The Hoxton is on Great Eastern Street in London’s hip (if a bit too trendy) East End. Some of the best nightlife in town is within a ten minute walk. All rooms have super soft Frette sheets, free Wi-Fi, coffee, milk, water, and tea, and a heavenly waterfall shower head (plus soft towels and Pears soap.)

Room Service is reasonable and there’s a 24-hour shop in the lobby just in case you’ve forgotten anything. Rooms come complete with mini-breakfast so you won’t be starving before you leave either. And newspapers are free, to boot. Sign us up.

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