London: The Olympics continue at the Paralympic Games

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London is a magical place to be during the Olympics. Photos by Nina Derham.
London is a magical place to be during the Olympics. Photos by Nina Derham.

Something magical has been happening in London over the last couple of weeks. It has barely rained; in fact, the sun has been shining almost every day. People are happy and the scent of charred meat on the barbecue fills the air.

While sunshine always tends to send Londoners slightly nutty (normally resulting in an increased amount of leering at women out of car windows and the desire to frequent pubs even more often than normal), the Olympics has definitely taken us to new levels of merriment this summer. There’s even (sort of) scientific proof—according to Facebook, the statuses of people in London are much more positive than they were this time last year and the use of words like “happy” and “brilliant” has increased by over 35%.

The author enjoyed last week's Russia-France women's basketball semi-final.

I managed to get my paws on a pair of last-minute basketball tickets last week—a women’s semi-final match between two teams with which I have no alliance (Russia and France), but that kind of thing doesn’t really matter in the Olympics. The atmosphere was electrifying and the match unbelievably exciting, despite the fact I’d never even watched a basketball match before.

Paralympics tickets

Olympic fever has led to a sudden surge in ticket sales for the Paralympics, which runs between August 29 and September 9, 2012. Ticket sales for the Paralympics had been slow, but since the start of the Olympics over half a million additional tickets have been sold, making it the most popular Paralympics in history.

And the good news for Cheapos is that there are still a number of tickets on sale with prices starting from just £10 per person. The remaining tickets are mostly for events in London’s Excel Arena, including wheelchair fencing, table tennis, powerlifting, sitting volleyball and boccia.

There aren’t many events of global importance you can attend for £10. In fact, there are relatively few bog standard things you can do in London for a tenner, so my advice to you fellow Cheapos is to snap one up fast before they sell out. I know I already have…

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