London: Three cheap eats offering dinner for under £10


Le Mercury dishes up delicious and romantic meals for Cheapos. Photo: Kake Pugh
Le Mercury dishes up delicious and romantic meals for Cheapos. Photo: Kake Pugh

Fast food chains aside, it sometimes feels like a tough task to find a bargain meal in a sit-down restaurant in central London. But when you know where to look it’s easier than you think. Here are three ideas for a tasty dinner for under £10:

The Beach Hut
28 Highbury Park, London, N5 2AA
Tube: Arsenal/Highbury and Islington

Many people put Fish and Chips at the top of their to-do list when visiting London. Many people also leave feeling disappointed after a traumatic experience with greasy fish, soggy chips and a massive bill.

Save your fish and chip cravings for The Beach Hut and you won’t regret it. Located in north London’s foodie haven, Highbury Barn, this friendly family-run chippy serves up fresh, tasty food in lovely surroundings. Plus, it’s a brilliant value – you can get a generous portion of fish and chips for just £6.

The menu is simple and the choice of fish changes daily but is always excellent quality. Opt for a half pint of fresh prawns if you don’t fancy the traditional offering and don’t forget to bring a bottle – The Beach Hut has a BYO booze policy and doesn’t charge a corkage fee; a fact that makes me love it even more.

Poitrine de Porc from Le Mercury. Photo: London Chow

Le Mercury
140A Upper Street, London, N1 1QY
Tube: Angel/Highbury and Islington
Web site

I had walked passed this pretty candlelit brasserie many times and always thought it would be a good spot for a special occasion. The sophisticated, romantic interior had led me to believe the prices would be extortionate until one day I stopped to read the menu. I thought I was seeing things.

All starters £3.95. All mains £8.95. I’d really never seen anything like it in London – and on lively, fashionable Upper Street of all places. I had to try it. Immediately.

You’ll be glad to hear that I wasn’t disappointed. The food was slow-roast-honeyed-pork-belly-with-confit-celeriac-fantastic. Surprisingly, Le Mercury has only just opened its second restaurant, just a little down the same road at 154 Upper Street. Take my word and try it Cheapos; it’ll be the best £8.95 you spend in London.

Icco serves the best cheap pizza in town. Photo: Rizkapb

Charlotte Street
Tube: Goodge Street
Web site

Charlotte Street, one of London’s most popular roads, is packed with restaurants from all over the world and the prices vary as much as the cuisine does. Icco is a bright, no-frills, café-style eatery with a great atmosphere. Serving up really tasty thin-crust pizzas until midnight every day, the prices start from just £3.50 a pizza.

And we’re not just talking slices of pizza Cheapos, this is a full-sized pizza and it’s delicious. By far and away one of the best value places you’ll find in such a central location.

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  1. Just tried Le Mercury the other week. I can’t believe how good and affordable the food was. I had the duck and my sister had the salmon. Both terrific! And the atmosphere is great too. Try to make a reservation if you can. We couldn’t get a table on Friday night at 8pm at the first restaurant but luckily they squeezed as in at the second one.


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