Eurolines Bus: London to Paris for Ten Quid?

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photograph courtesy of ArtemisAbsurdis
photograph courtesy of ArtemisAbsurdis

(Note: This post was written in 2007. For an update to this post, including new information on how to take the bus between Paris and London, please click here.)

We noticed you can nab one-way trips on Europe’s bus line to the stars, Eurolines, for less than £10.

As part of Eurolines’ “Funfares” spring sale, travelers can choose between a range of destinations across western and central Europe. Though fares vary quite a bit, this is a great chance for cheap fares—especially if you’re traveling a short distance.

Naturally, we were curious about the greatest distance covered by the Funfares net. We found a London to Prague bus route with no connections that lasts a whopping 22+ hours. Better charge up that iPod.

November 2011 Update: Eurolines still offers the London to Paris bus route, although the £10 ticket is no longer available. We found rates on the Eurolines’ website for £30, plus a £4 online booking fee.

For more information, please read our updated post on taking the bus from Paris to London.

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  1. Eurolines still do the £10 – £15 London to…..several European cities but not all the time. Their website has their latest offers. Let’s face it with the web this is all dead easy these days. There are also several Polish coach companies in operation. Check out Megabus too. For example London Amsterdam £8 one way.


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