Eurolines Bus: London to Paris for Ten Quid?

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photograph courtesy of ArtemisAbsurdis
photograph courtesy of ArtemisAbsurdis

(Note: This post was written in 2007. For an update to this post, including new information on how to take the bus between Paris and London, please click here.)

We noticed you can nab one-way trips on Europe’s bus line to the stars, Eurolines, for less than £10.

As part of Eurolines’ “Funfares” spring sale, travelers can choose between a range of destinations across western and central Europe. Though fares vary quite a bit, this is a great chance for cheap fares—especially if you’re traveling a short distance.

Naturally, we were curious about the greatest distance covered by the Funfares net. We found a London to Prague bus route with no connections that lasts a whopping 22+ hours. Better charge up that iPod.

November 2011 Update: Eurolines still offers the London to Paris bus route, although the £10 ticket is no longer available. We found rates on the Eurolines’ website for £30, plus a £4 online booking fee.

For more information, please read our updated post on taking the bus from Paris to London.

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About the author: An Ohio native, Pete Meyers was bred on family road trips and the Beach Boys. When not working at EuroCheapo HQ in NYC, Pete likes to be found eating bouillabaisse anywhere in the south of France.

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24 thoughts on “Eurolines Bus: London to Paris for Ten Quid?”

  1. Eurolines still do the £10 – £15 London to…..several European cities but not all the time. Their website has their latest offers. Let’s face it with the web this is all dead easy these days. There are also several Polish coach companies in operation. Check out Megabus too. For example London Amsterdam £8 one way.

  2. Jessica (above)
    Most of the day-time buses between Paris and London use the tunnel rather than the ferry. The only year-round exception is the 10.00 Eurolines departure from Paris Gallieni (by the Porte Bagnolet) which crosses the Channel on the P&O ferry. Great journey, superbly comfortable boat and a chance to see the White Cliffs of Dover. Brilliant that you want to travel via the ferry. For off-season, you can pick up tickets for as little as €20 one way. For June you’d still get tickets for €35, but for peak summer travel (viz. July and August), you’d now need to pay about €55. You can book via the Eurolines website or at any Eurolines office.
    Hope this helps.

  3. Hi

    I’m having difficulty finding buses that go from Paris to London (with ferry in between). How do I book this and how much does it cost?


  4. “Which its the best and economic way to go from London Victoria Station to Stockolm?”

    “Best” and “economic” are not always the same. The way we might do this journey is by train, where if you book well in advance (eg. three months) and have a bit of luck you could get London to Stockholm tickets for less than €100 one-way. The trick in securing such a cheap fare would be to book the Deutsche Bahn’s London-Spezial fare from London to Lübeck, then the Südschweden Spezial from Lübeck to Malmö, and finally an cheap advance SJ ticket on the X2000 service from Mälmo to Stockholm. This would be a great journey, well worth making in its own right. The train from Lübeck to Copenhagen gets shipped on a ferry, a nice fun moment. And you’ll speed over a spectacular rail bridge linking Denmark with Sweden later in the journey.

    If by ‘best’ you don’t mean ‘enjoyable’ but ‘fast’, then the plane springs to mind. You say London Victoria station as starting point. So take the train to Gatwick airport, from where both Norwegian and TorAir have direct flights to Arlanda airport near Stockholm. Book the flight well in advance and you could get from London Victoria station to the centre of Stockholm for about €120. That includes an allowance for the train fare from Victoria to Gatwick, the direct Arlanda Express train from the airport to central Stockholm, and one item of baggage on the plane. TorAir flights look on the face of it to be cheaper, but beware the hefty extra charges that pop up during booking. Norwegian’s air fares have more bundled in, so the final price you pay may be no higher than with TorAir.

    A third option, not the most comfortable nor necessarily the cheapest, would be by Eurolines coach from Victoria Coach Station via Bruxelles and Hamburg to Malmö, then on by train. And yet a fourth option, much more expensive but undoubtedly good fun, would be bus to London Liverpool Street Station, train to Harwich, ship to Esbjerg, then onward by train via Copenhagen to Stockholm.

    Nicky and Susanne
    editors / hidden europe magazine

  5. Hi guys.
    Please, if you can help me…
    Which its the best and economic way to go from London Victoria Station to Stockolm? How much its the Ticket ?
    I will appreciate any response, and thanks in advance.

  6. Jolie I recommend the seat61 site for information about rail and ship (and some buses) travel. Look at the Portugal section. Also France and Spain pages. You have a few options. If going by bus, Eurolines pass may be a good idea. I`d recommend train from Paris.

  7. Jolie of Brasil

    Hi, I’d like to know what are my options, how may I get in London from Lisbon?
    I heard that there are train tickets that might give me a hand on it. Where can I find it and how it works?
    Are there buses, ships or any other option available?After London I also intend to visit Paris and Rome, so I’m bit lost it’s my first international trip. Can anyone help me?!

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  8. Jeffrey of Prague

    The poster just above mentions Student Bus Line of Prague. Actually it is a company called Student Agency SRO, which runs distinctive yellow buses from Prague to spots around Europe. A small network, hubbed on Prague. For a journey to or from Prague from Germany, Italy, Denmark or Germany SA SRO may be perfect, but their network is tiny compared with Eurolines. But as their buses are mainly just to or from Prague, SA SRO is not much help for Europe-wide touring.

  9. Elizabeth Montenegro

    A word of advice for anyone using Euroline buses. In 2007 Euroline offered a special, I believe it was 21 days unlimited pass. However, in the U.S. there was a strict time window of exactley 14/15 days purchase prior to traveling. I missed the date to book it from the U.S. by one day. The Euroline website said to purchase when I got to my destination. (U.K.) Rather than purchasing the ticket with U.S. dollars I was forced to buy it in pounds, costing my budget more. i elected to wait till I got to Paris and paid in Euros( saving a little). Also, it is necessary if you buy a pass to travel around, that Eurolines requires you to book your destination prior to leaving at one of their office locations, which may/or may not be in close proximaty to where you are going, and was an irritating waste of time. I wanted to leave Zurich and found out they do not offer daily bus service to certain locations. Leaving Prague I noticed that the Student Bus Line had more buses going across Europe than did Eurolines as I sat several hours to get Euroline while watching them pull in and out. Other then that, the staff was nice and the rest stops clean with ample time to take a break.

  10. In the Northeast, we have the Megabus and the Bolt bus that will get you from New York to DC, for instance, for just a buck (that’s right, $1) if you book it far enough in advance. They do charge a .50 cent booking fee, but who cares.

    Otherwise fares are about $20 between major cities and mostly college towns. It is a real true bargain here in the U.S.

  11. .
    Easy. You have two main options.

    1. Train from London to Plymouth then ship direct to Roscoff (this service runs daily, all bar for a spell in January and early February 2011) when the ship is in dry-dock for a refit.
    2. Train from London to Paris, changes stations in Paris (Nord to Montparnasse), train to Morlaix, then a short hop (30 mins) on a bus or – at some times of day – a local train to Roscoff.

    We’d say 1. is much the preferable, as you can travel by travel late afternoon to Plymouth, board the ship for an overnight crossing which is superb way of arriving in Roscoff in time for coffee and croissants next morning.

    Fares for both route are very similar, in each case from about GBP 55 single if you can book well in advance (ie. three months) The chances of getting a cheap deal close to travel date might be higher with the Plymouth route than the Paris route.

      1. For Kajaitha above (question of 2 Aug)

        Yes, 3 or 4 buses each night at this time of year. They are at 8, 8.30 and 9.30 pm, with an extra departure at 10 pm on Fri, Sat, Sun and Mon evenings. One-way fares are from 29 to 65 pounds, returns from 39 pounds. Book with Eurolines.

  12. hi, can anyone give details how to travel from uk roscoff port by plane or train even by plane which is the cheapest price.

  13. Hmm… I’m not sure I could sit on the bus for 22 hours! That’s a long time. I actually prefer travelling by train to driving because it is more eco-friendly, less stressful, you hardly ever get lost on the way to the destination, and it is often faster. Good post though.


  14. Hi Katya – I think the reason you’re having such difficulty finding transportation for your dogs is due to the tight regulations on transporting animals across borders. I’d suggest researching professional services that specialize in this type of thing.

  15. Hi, i have great difficulty to find a bus from London to Paris which would be happy to take me on with my 3 tiny toy poodles, I’ve spoken to ,,National express,, and they can not provide the service , Are there any bus services who can accept me traveling with my dogs ( they do have carriers and all documents )
    Many Thanks ,Katya

  16. Can anyone tell me where Paris to London coaches leave Paris and which ones use tunnel and which use ferry ? I can`t find information on Eurolines website.

  17. I am an Indian. I started to book Eurolines tkt from London to Paris. But, in the link, I was told to click a button confirming that I am a resident of UK and am an adult. How do non – UK residents get their tkt on Eurolines Bus service?

  18. I dlike information about travalle with Eurolines(Bus) from London to Lisbon (Oriente Gare). Another side, i want know the price in next month November this year. Thanks.

  19. If London to Prague seems a shade long at 22 hours, what about Glasgow to Tallinn at 63 hours or Lisbon to Odesa at 114 hours? In fairness, these long distance bus routes across Europe do all require a change of bus along the way. We often tend to forget how big Europe is.
    Nicky and Susanne
    hidden europe magazine

  20. please connect me with company for daytime bus trip from Paris France to London Victoria Coach station on Sunday Feb 23 2009


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