London with Children: Puppet shows at the Little Angel Theatre


Little Angel Theater, London
The Little Angel Theater in London offers puppet shows for all ages.

By Lara Kavanagh in London—

If you’re visiting London as a family and have small children in tow, the wealth of things to see and do can be a little overwhelming. One child-friendly activity that cannot be recommended highly enough is seeing a production at the Little Angel Theatre, where the stars of the show are puppets.

Little Angel Theatre
14 Dagmar Passage
N1 2DN, London
Tel: 020 7226 1787
Web site

The Little Angel Theatre, a small, welcoming affair in Islington seating just a hundred guests, hosts productions year-round, combining expert puppetry, set design, excellent musical scores and comic story-telling.

The current show is the unmissable “Alice in Wonderland,” a magical, highly artistic telling of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale. Alice puppets of various sizes are brought to life by compelling acting and precise manipulation from the puppeteers, who also deftly renew the set for each scene while singing in multi-part harmonies.

Lots of familiar characters pop up along the way, and the quivering white rabbit in particular is a delight to watch. The production is billed as suitable for ages five and up, but there are plenty of laugh-out-loud jokes in the script aimed at the adults, who are genuinely entertained throughout.

Alice in Wonderland runs until January 30, 2011, with shows in the morning and afternoon from Wednesday to Sunday. Tickets are £13 for adults, £10 for children and concessions, and a family ticket for four people costs £42. The Friday 5 p.m. show costs just £5. If you miss it, be sure to check the website for future shows.

Alice in Wonderland Credits:

Directed & Designed by Peter O’Rourke. Written by Tim Kane. Music and Lyrics by Ben Glasstone. Puppets made by Peter O’Rourke. Puppeteers: Michael Fowkes, Seonaid Goody, Jonny Storey, Mandy Travis.

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Lara Kavanagh

About the author: Lara Kavanagh is a travel editor and freelance writer based in London, and has also had the great pleasure of living in and writing about Paris. Top vintage shopping, great food and quirky nightlife are her favourite things about London.

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