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After the holidays, cold weather, and eating and drinking your way around Madrid, you may find that your body is craving a trip to the gym and a round of any kind of exercise.

Exercising in Madrid is still a relatively new phenomenon: Gyms only popped up about six years ago and yoga and pilates studios about three years ago. But since then, many places have opened, providing a variety of options for those looking for a budget-friendly workout.

Here are a few ways to stay in shape while visiting or living in Madrid:

Opera Gym
Calle Fomento, 3
91 547 2668
Mon – Fri: 8 AM – 11 PM,
Sat: 11 AM – 4 PM, Sun and Holidays: 12 PM – 3 PM

Opera is a great gym for those in the center of the city. It’s also perfect if you’re not a die-hard gym enthusiast. This is for the more moderate gym goer. What’s different about Opera gym is that you can pay depending on what activity you want to participate in—so you don’t have to pay for spin classes if you are only interested in boxing. The pricing plan is divided into five categories: Weightlifting, Indoor Cycling, Aerobics, Boxing/Kick Boxing, and Pilates.

One activity is €40 per month, €59 will get you two activities, and €69 buys you three activities. Also, as with most gyms in Madrid, there is an initiation fee. Here, it is €30. Since it’s Madrid, there is always a discount if you are signing up for three months, six months, or a year. If you want an even lower price, mornings are the cheapest.

If you’re just visiting Madrid, Opera also offers daily passes for €8 and 10-pass tickets for €59.

Polydeportivos of Madrid
Various Locations Throughout Madrid
Hours vary by location

If you aren’t interested in a gym, but are looking for activities to be a part of, then a “polydeportivo” might be right for you. They are located all over the city and have organized group sports (basketball, etc), all kinds of dance classes, yoga, pilates, and a swimming pool.

The website has all the facility information you’ll need, as each location has different options and pricing plans. Some are €30 a month plus extra for classes.

Urban Fitness
Calle Alberto Aguilera, 1
91 445 3200
Mon-Fri: 7:30 AM– 11:30 PM
Sat, Sun: 10 AM – 3 PM

Urban fitness is similar to a gym you’d find in the United States. It might not be as large, but it is definitely a state-of-the-art modern workout facility: all the cardio machines (elliptical, treadmill, bike, and step), strength training equipment, and classes you’ll ever need. Classes include: boxing, yoga, pilates, spinning, abdominals, funk, kick boxing, tai chi, and more. They also have a locker room and sauna.

Sounds amazing, right? It is—and the gym always offers discounted prices that make sense if you are currently living in Madrid. The best way to save your money is to join for a year. They say the standard yearly price is €800, but there’s always a promotion going on—you can get the year for half the price!

About the author

Cynthia Kane

About the author: Cynthia Blair Kane is a freelance writer and editor who splits her time between New York and Madrid. She is the Madrid city guide writer for Blackbook Magazine, and recently co authored Take a Hike: The Best 50 Routes in the Community of Madrid.

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4 thoughts on “Madrid Fitness: Cheapo exercise options in Madrid”

  1. I lived in Madrid for about a year until very recent (October 2013) and

    found this amazing Pilates teacher who completely changed my posture and

    resolved my life time of back pain (in only few sessions!).
    Adriana runs her h own studio in Madrid in an area called ‘Barrio de

    Salamanca’ (next to Goya Metro Station).
    Not only she completely fixed by long lasting back issue, she put me in

    very good shape, I lost some weight and felt so much better.
    Adriana has a unique style of doing the classes, she has years of

    experience in so many fitness areas so she tunes the classes to such a

    personal level that answers the needs of each student.
    She also gave me so many nutritional advice and I wish I can find someone

    like her in the UK (but I doubt if that will ever happen).

    If you are in Madrid and looking for a Pilates teacher / Personal trainer,

    I highly recommend contacting her.

    You can reach Adriana on –

  2. And not to forget the many (completely free) exercise options in parks dotted around the suburbs – no weights but plenty of wooden/metal structures designed for basic fitness – pull-up and dips / push-up structures etc.

    Retiro park being the best example, but many exist. Might be worth the time to build a google map with all of the parks/running tracks listed :)


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  4. “Exercising in Madrid is still a relatively new phenomenon,” we read. This is an extraordinary suggestion. Spain has an enviable record of public investment in sports facilities, and that is especially evident in Madrid. We have always been struck by the commitment of folk of all ages in Madrid to exercise and sport. Madrid is blessed with what we think must be the largest network of municipally-owned outdoor swimming pools of any city in Europe – over seventy in all. The Madrid marathon predates the London marathon and there are athletic clubs across the city that cater not just for elite athletes but also for those who look for no more than a little exercise. Madrid citizens are great skiers, great cyclists and great joggers. To say that exercising in Madrid is novel is so far off the mark.

    What perhaps Cynthia might have said is that it is only latterly that a few companies have moved in to try and make a profit out of exercise in Madrid. The fad for glitzy fitness clubs is more about the politics of consumption than the human need for exercise. Exercise often comes for free – even in Madrid.


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