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Corte Ingles
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Internet Cafés are so last year. Unfortunately, foreigners and locals alike discover free Internet access in Madrid only by word of mouth. Take Spain’s mega store Corte Ingles for example. Most people don’t know there’s free Wi-Fi in all of its cafeterias. Our favorite for the best views of the city: its most central location on Plaza del Callao, 2 (Telephone: +34-91-37-98-000).

Here’s a short list of other in-style central city havens where globetrotting passersby can plug into Madrid’s free Wi-Fi synergy.

Isoleé in Chueca is a hip café/restaurant/store all rolled together like a sushi roll. Plug in for 40 minutes with the purchase of a drink.

Café Faborit in Sol is too cool for techies but perfect for worldly hipsters on the go. Get your password with purchase of a drink.

Heladería Grangrossi in La Latina is the most refined café for Internet yuppies. Savor dark espressos and the city’s best gelato while lounging in white leather chairs. There are two other locations to choose from as well.

Cafeteria Santander in Alonso Martinez (Plaza de Santa Barbara, 4; Metro: Alonso Martinez) is known as Madrid’s free Wi-Fi pioneer. It is a sprawling low-cost café with booths and a down-home feel. It’s best in the morning for fresh squeezed orange juice, croissants, and excellent service.

Plaza Colón, best known as Madrid’s premier park for skaters, is also a hotspot for Web surfers. During spring and summer months, take a blanket and enjoy a romantic rendezvous with your laptop in Salamanca’s best urban park. Your ESSID code is BNE-BG. Take the Metro to Colón.

Classy hotels like Hotel Moderno and Hotel Opera offer free Internet in the lobbies and cafeterias.

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  1. On the square between calle de colmenares and calle del barquilo (chueca). You have free internet acces! Just sit on a bench or on the wall and enjoy internet acces because the cultural centre there provides it for free to everyone.

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