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Malaga: Creepy But Cool

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Photo by brooklyn_museum

OK, so his work can be a bit much to take in.

Nonetheless, Ron Mueck’s otherworldly sculptures are a current hot property. Mueck is a former puppeteer from Down Under who has worked with Muppets and Fraggles before creating eerily real figures that also happen to be ridiculously big. His work is on display this spring at Malaga’s Center for Contemporary Art.

Featuring the piece A Girl alongside videos, photos and texts detailing the creation of the 25 ft. long newborn, the exhibit will be open through the month of June.

An added bonus? The exhibition is free.

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One Response to “Malaga: Creepy But Cool”

I think it’s really cool, sometimes it’s also scary, but no one can say just “well, it’s… ok”: this guy, his big muppets are amazing. I really like them

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