Marbella Feria

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Photo by Caracolacolacola

Summer’s almost here in southern Spain, which means Feria season is upon us once again. From Malaga to Cadiz, every town along the Costa del Sol will take their turn hosting civic celebrations that turn every plaza, street, and alley into a bar, dance floor, or both.

From now until October, the coast will supply a non-stop selection of city festivals. One of the largest of the lot is Marbella’s San Bernabé. Held from the June 7 until June 12, the Marbella Feria will begin each day in the Old Town, where bars spill into the streets and end each evening in a fairground on the east side of town, complete with free concerts and music until dawn. The drinks are cheap, the music’s free and the dancing will come at you from every direction—the Marbella Feria is not to be missed.

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