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Photo by mathias.berg
Photo by mathias.berg

Panino Giusto in Milano is a diamond in the rough. Since 1979, students on a shoestring budget and rich ambassadors alike have lined up together outside this no frills sandwich shop for lunch.

Finding Panino Giusto is easy. Our favorite Panino Giusto is located in Piazza Cesare Beccaria, close to the Duomo. It was the second restaurant in the chain to open, in 1993. (The original location can be found at Corso Garibaldi 125.)

The difficult part at Panino Giusto is actually getting a table. We suggest avoiding locations during peak lunch hours and on weekends.

Our top pick is the vegetarian toast, with grilled eggplant, thick sliced tomato, homemade pesto, and gooey melted fontina cheese sandwiched between hot toast for under €5. The menu includes dozens of sandwich combos made with Italy’s finest veggies, cheese, and meats, as well as a selection of salads, pasta, and desserts.

There are five Panino Giusto locations in Milan, as well as restaurants in Brescia, Porto Cervo, Lugano in Switzerland, Tokyo, and Yokohama, as well as four shopping center locations in Italy.

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