Milan: When to get the best hotel rates (hint: avoid trade shows!)

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Milan's Duomo by night; photo by Panorama
Milan's Duomo by night; photo by Panorama

Milan, home to Leonardo da Vinci’s The Last Supper and the unique Sforza Castle, loves to put on a good show! Er, trade show, that is.

In Milan’s “in” season, during the fashion weeks and the leather shows – and when it seems the Milanese host expos on everything from real estate to food – hotel rates go up, up, and away from a comfortable budget.

But, don’t worry, though Milan can get very pricey, it has its off-peak moments. With a little planning, you can snag great rates on some primo budget hotels and enjoy a fantastico trip to Italy’s “second” capital.

First, do some research.

Many of Milan’s trade shows are annual affairs, meaning they are organized and planned well in advance. Check out web sites like that of the Fiere (“Fair”) commission of Milan for up-to-date listings of the events.  The most recent calendars can be found here, plus info on all the various shows.

For more of the exceptions (who knew that the hemotologists like to get together in October?), visit the Fiera Congress’s site. The most up-to-date calendar can be found here. Plan your dates accordingly so you can bypass them completely.

July is a great month, so is December.

You’ll find, while doing your research, that many of the fairs, conventions, and shows occur during five to ten specific months each year. (February through June offer most of them, and there are less between August and November.) In this way, the Milano Turisimo board has made sure that regular ol’ Cheapo tourists like us can still have a chance to visit this expansive, historic city without losing too many euros.

Read up!

Once you’ve decided to head to Milan, take a look at our brand spankin’ new guide to the city. We’ve included budget tips and much more. (Did you know that you can see a horse sculpted by Leonardo da Vinci for free?)

Then, take a look at our picks for best budget hotels in Milan.

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