Málaga: Opie’s Show Time Oh So Short

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photograph courtesy of Ronald Hackston
photograph courtesy of Ronald Hackston

We spoke to British artist Julian Opie just before the opening of his exhibit Show Time at the Contemporary Art Centre in Málaga, in southern Spain. He looked stumped when he started in on all the possible reasons he creates the pop art he does (he also insisted the work shouldn’t be called “pop” but, you know, it’s hard to deny).

After attempting a few explanations and quickly retreating from each, he simply said, “I do it because it’s fun.”

Looking at his collection, its hard to deny such work could be fun. His cartoonish, multi-media portraits denude their subjects of all but the most essential lines, filling space with brilliant, vibrant colors. His work is fun to look at; it makes sense that it would be fun to create.

Get in on the fun while you can. Málaga’s Contemporary Art Centre hosts Opie’s collection until March 18. Admission is free.

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