Montenegrin Magic

photograph courtesy of hudson_jeremy
photograph courtesy of hudson_jeremy

Normally we don’t like to take our cues from press releases, but the Newsletter we just received has us excited for Europe’s newest country.

Independent now for under year, Montenegro boasts truly stunning coastline, beguiling mountain terrain, and the amazingly deep Kotor fjord (see above). It’s also—as of yet—very cheap.

Since independence, it’s become an obvious place to invest. There are plans to turn a former military shipbuilding yard in Tivat into a luxury marina, and the Aman Resorts group is leasing three resort properties—in Budva, Milocer, and Sveti Stefan.

On the budget-friendly side, we’ve been noticing package holidays to Montenegro originating in northern Europe. We’re just waiting for forward-thinking budget air carriers to start adding destinations like Podgorica and Tivat to their route maps.

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  • Kotor Bay says:

    How quickly things have changed! You can now fly direct from the UK to Tivat for about £200 rtn. which cuts hours of the travelling time, although Dubrovnik is cheaper and has more flight options. Luckily the global economic crisis has slowed things down a bit in Montenegro as the speed of developments especially in the South was staggering. There is still miles of unspoilt coast line however, though that too is being bought up in large quantities. Still cheap compared to other Mediterranean countries but getting more expensive by the hour. Get there before it’s too late cheapos!

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