Turkey Reflections from Germany

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American Thanksgiving goes largely unnoticed in Europe, so turkeys across the continent are reprieved for another few weeks. But late November brings its own culinary specialities to market stalls and dinner tables across the continent.

Yummmmm. Photo: Lynn Gardner

Germany engages in a frenzy of goose eating at this time of year. Goose is ushered in on November 11 by St. Martin’s Day, and features regularly on menus right through to Christmas. Other seasonal specialities are Dresdner Stollen, fresh carp and cinnamon biscuits (not, on the whole, all consumed together!).

There has been disquiet in Germany these past days with tourists flying in, particularly from Britain, and getting upset that Germany’s famous Christmas marketsare not yet in full swing. Indeed, Christmas markets are a feature of Adventtide which starts only next weekend, and the best of the country’s markets respect that calendrical tradition.

All seasons have their moments, and we’re for keeping Christmas at bay until well into Advent. Meanwhile, warm Thanksgiving wishes from across the pond. We’ll drink a toast to the Mayflower Pilgrims on Thursday.

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About the authors: Nicky and Susanne manage a Berlin-based editorial bureau that supplies text and images to media across Europe. Together they edit hidden europe magazine.

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