Munich cheap souvenir: Beer steins

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Shopping for beer steins in Munich
Shopping for beer steins in Munich

Munich is a festival of budget-friendly mementos. The capital of Bavaria is also the home of intricately-designed (and internationally celebrated) glass and porcelain beer steins. Drink up a round of cheapo possibilities.

Souvenirs brewing

On September 27, 1589, Wilheim V, the Duke of Bavaria, decided to build a brewery instead of importing beer from Lower Saxony. He kindly asked the brewmaster from Geisenfeld Monastery to “hops” to it and the rest is brew-story. Hofbrauhaus Munchen is still owned by the state government today.

Not only have the glasses and steins from the city’s famous beer gardens become symbolic of Bavarian culture, but the cheap prices of these symbols are worth toasting.

Beer vessels blanket the Bavarian landscape. Seemingly every airport kiosk, gift shop, and street vendor features a stein or two (hundred). Prices usually start at about $10 USD and climb upward from there, depending on the size, design, and craftsmanship involved.

The question isn’t so much where to find steins as which one to purchase. Will it be the tall one with the metal top depicting a milk maid holding edelweiss? Or, will it be the glass Masskrug sporting the HB logo? To get a sneak peak of some of the steins awaiting you, check out’s impressive inventory of 62 steins for sale.

While you’re at it…

Pick up some local items with the ubiquitous Bavarian coat of arms. Napkins, flags, playing cards, and wind sticks can be found around town sporting the blue and white diamond pattern.

Also see: Check out the Hofbrauhaus’ website for information on tours of the brewery and for its exhaustive history of the brewery and explanation of the beer-making process. Also check out our recommended budget hotels in Munich.

Photo above: Beer stein shopping in Munich. Photo by thesheriff

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