Munich Quiz: What’s your Oktoberfest IQ?

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Prost! Photo by Joachim Mueller.

It’s kick-off time for Oktoberfest, that free-flowing celebration of German beer and sausage that happens every fall in Munich. The Munich tourism board calls the celebration the “biggest public festival in the world”—so we hope that you booked your rooms well in advance! (If not…)

Before you grab your favorite stein and head for Bavaria, test your Oktoberfest knowledge with our Oktoberfest Quiz:

1) When does Oktoberfest take place this year?
a. September 19 – October 4, 2009
b. October 1-17, 2009
c. October 1-31, 2009
d. October 16-November 3, 2009

2) How many official beer tents will you find at Oktoberfest?
a. 6
b. 9
c. 14
d. 32

3) How much does it cost to visit the beer tents?
a. They’re free.
b. €3 per tent
c. €5 per tent
d. €10 per tent

4) The locals refer to “Oktoberfest” as…
a. “Biertrinkenfest”
b. “Festenbier”
c. “Braufest”
d. “Wiesn”

A nice keg. Photo by StrudelMonkey.

A nice keg. Photo by StrudelMonkey.

5) Each year, how many visitors attend Oktoberfest?
a. 1 million
b. 3 million
c. 4 million
d. 6 million

6) How many liters of beer are downed each year?
a. 850,000
b. 1.5 million
c. 5 million
d. 25 million

7) Which of these is NOT a beer tent at Oktoberfest?
a. Spatenbräu-Festhalle
b. Currywurst-Festhalle
c. Hackerbräu-Festhalle
d. Löwenbräu-Festhalle

8 ) The beer tents are run by:
a. “Bosses”
b. “Landlords”
c. “Chiefs”
d. “Riflemen”

9) According to “Interesting Facts and Figures” by the tourism office, 4,000 items were reported lost by attendees in 2007. Which of these was NOT on the list?
a. 200 mobile phones
b. 260 pair of glasses
c. 2 crutches
d. 1 set false teeth

10) Beer tents don’t start serving beer until…
a. 7 AM
b. 10 AM
c. Noon
d. They never stop serving.


1) A. Sept 19-October 4. Ironically, Oktoberfest takes place almost entirely in September.

2) C. 14 tents. Here’s a list.

3) A. They’re free. But you have to pay for the beer and sausage.

4) D. “Wiesn”. Read the charming story behind the name.

5) D. 6 million. And it gets bigger every year. Here are the stats.

6) C. 5 million. Remember—some attendees don’t drink (like, say, children).

7) B. Currywurst-Festhalle. But it should be.

8 ) B. “Landlords” run the beer tents.

9) D. False teeth. Or at least they weren’t reported lost.

10) B. You’ll have to wait until tents open at 10 AM (9 AM weekends).

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