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Mystery Photo: Name this celebrity and win a book!

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Who is she?

Who IS that girl? Identify her and win “The Rough Guide to Europe on a Budget.”

We’re not procrastinating, but… We were just gazing out of our window at Broadway and Houston in New York and realized that a new billboard is being painted right before our eyes!

But who is she?

The first comment below to correctly identify the celebrity will win a copy of the “Rough Guide to Europe on a Budget,” newly out in bookstores! Quick! Name her!

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Tom Meyers

About the author: Tom Meyers created and launched EuroCheapo from his Berlin apartment in 2001. He returned to New York in 2002, set up office, and has led the EuroCheapo team from the Big Apple ever since. He travels to Europe several times a year to update EuroCheapo's hotel reviews. Tom is also a co-host of the New York City history podcast, The Bowery Boys. Email Tom. [Find Tom on Google Plus]

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23 Responses to “Mystery Photo: Name this celebrity and win a book!”

Joey Woodall says:

Janet Jackson.

Ashley says:

Diana Ross?

Bernadette Marciniak Maya says:


Gregoire says:

Dana Plato

Elizadoodle says:

Clay Aiken?

nancy schwartzman says:


MazzyStar says:

Is it a bird, a plane, or Fergie?

Meredith Franco Meyers MissyE says:

No, wait – it’s totally Beyonce. Doesn’t she have a new clothing line for H & M and isn’t that the spot on Broadway where they always post the H & M ads?

Bill Clinton says:

My daughter, Chelsea

Aunt Jeanie says:

Not sure who those other two guys are, but I’m pretty sure that’s Lyle Lovett in the middle.

Don Spurlock says:

I TELL YA it’s Marge Mattney!

Stephen Williams says:

Leona Lewis :)

Gregoire says:

Fern Magillicutty?

Nirupama Bhat says:

It must be Giselle Bundchen!

Amanda Bowen says:

Tyra Banks

Everyone else beat me to Beyonce, but the prize should go to the person who identified it as an H&M ad — that’s totally their M in the bottom right corner.

Tom Meyers Tom Meyers says:

By golly, Holly, I think you’ve got it! Congrats! You win!

mukhtar says:


Andrew says:


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