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Mystery Photo Wednesday: Where is this band?

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Five-piece band

We love street performers just as much as the next Cheapo. Have any idea where this quintet is making noise? Clue: You might call them renaissance men.

The first correct guess wins a free copy of the book, “Ask Arthur Frommer & Travel Better, Cheaper, Smarter.”

Leave your answer in the comment section below. We’ll reveal the answer later this week.

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Meredith Franco Meyers

About the author: Meredith earned an MFA in fiction writing at The New School in New York City. Her feature stories and articles have appeared in Ladies' Home Journal, American Baby, Self, Bridal Guide, Time Out New York, Fitness and more. She joined EuroCheapo in summer 2007.

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18 Responses to “Mystery Photo Wednesday: Where is this band?”

I am the sixth member of this band. Thanks for cropping me out! Haha
I’d love the book, but I totally forgot where this was taken.

Giancarlo Bizzarro says:

Florence, IT

Miffy says:

Is it Rome?

RoyL says:

Siena, IT

Gigi says:


Damian says:

Florence, Italy

MDNomad says:


MDNomad says:

forgot to click notify me via email on my last comment.

flamingobeth says:


jkiel says:

Milan, Italy

Jason DeMott says:

I guess Florence makes sense. But, if no one has won yet, that’s not correct. Leonardo da Vinci was the quintessential Rennaisance man, and he was born in Vinci, Italy. So, that’s my guess: Vinci, even though I suspect it’s a small town and this looks more metropolitan with the shop in the background.

Hi Cheapos! Florence is indeed the correct answer. Congratulations Giancarlo Bizarro!

jamie says:

Firenze, Italia

Leah says:

Madrid, Spain! On El Calle de la Princesa

Good Guess says:

Athens, Greece?

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