Netherlands: Top D-Reizen Deals

Photograph by Stuart's Photos
Photograph by Stuart's Photos

We’ve long been fans of Dutch bargain holiday boutique chains like D-Reizen, which regularly put together deals that amaze us.

A quick look today at D-Reizen’s “Last Minute TOP-10″ list turned up three particularly interesting deals. These range from the unremarkable (€87.50 for a double room at an Ibis in Ghent, Belgium) to the downright intriguing (€420.50 for a seven nights in a two-person apartment in Alanya on the Turkish Riviera, including airfare from Amsterdam.)

Our favorite of the bunch: a double room for seven nights in Mayrhofen, Austria (see above) for just €182.50. That’s not per person, either—€182.50 is the total price for a week’s stay for two.

When will travel chains outside of Europe finally begin to coordinate holiday package offerings with their European equivalents?

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About the author: Bitten by the travel bug at 11, Alex Robertson Textor has fond childhood memories of ultracheap Spanish hotels (the kind with Styrofoam shelving) and supermarket lunches scarfed on park benches. Formerly an academic, Alex has spent the last several years redirecting his professional life into full-time travel journalism and editing. He has published articles in the New York Times, Guardian Unlimited, Condé Nast Traveler, Arthur Frommer’s Budget Travel, and the San Francisco Bay Guardian, among other publications.
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3 Responses to “Netherlands: Top D-Reizen Deals”
  • Barbara Ginter says:

    Unfortunately, we used D-Reizen travel agency while visiting in Holland. We “booked”a trip to Paris, but after 4-5 days of the agency constantly changing our times & travel plans, we
    opted to cancel. We had paid in euro’s and they could only give us a partial refund and the rest had to go into an account…we tried to get some satisfaction from this transaction, but they wouldn’t relinquish our funds. We went on our own to Bruges, Belgium…which is beautiful. They did complete the refund into a family’s account in Holland several weeks later (after we returned to the states), but we were very short on euro funds for the remainder of our trip.

    I do not recommend using this agency.

  • Janneke says:

    Not such a positive experience for the previous writer, but it also sounds amazingly cheap. Anybody else who has positive experiences with this travel agent?

  • I would say that the Netherlands is deceptive. We flew for my mum’s birthday and I will be honest, I didn’t hold out high expectations. It turned out to be the best trip I’ve ever been on and I’d definitely recommend it. The journey took next to no time, the food was fantastic and we had so much fun sightseeing.


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