Finding authentic European treats in New York


Ferrara Bakery and Cafe New York
Homemade pastries at Ferrara Bakery and Cafe New York. Photo: Terren in Virginia

By Nicole Puhl in New York—

Remember that amazing tiramisu you had in Rome? How about that chocolate éclair in Paris? Given New York’s international nature, you don’t have to hop a plane across the pond to rediscover your favorite international sweets. There are plenty of sweet shops around the city to satisfy a traveler’s sweet tooth.

Here are some of my favorite places in New York to find authentic tastes from Europe and beyond:

French Sweets

Financier Pastisserie
62 Stone St (Multiple locations)
Web site

So you still have dreams about that sacher torte and almond berry tart you had while cruising through the French countryside? Financier offers these fine French treats, as well as traditional macarons (not the coconut ones!), madelines and palimer cookies. If you are looking to entertain for a larger crowd, they also have full cakes available for purchase. Chocolate Gianduja (hazelnut) Banana Cake anyone?

English Sweets

Tea and Sympathy
108 Greenwich Ave
Web site

Sure, the English may not be well-known for their food, but it’s hard to resist a delicately prepared scone and a traditional cup of tea! First, start off with a teapot of Earl Grey or English Breakfast tea while you take in the fitting décor and Cockney rhymes adorning the walls. The tiny space crowds quickly, but try sneaking in for their Tea For One in the afternoon, which includes finger sandwiches, scones with clotted cream, mini cakes—and a pot of steaming hot tea, of course!

Chinese Sweets

Tai Pan Bakery
194 Canal St
Web site

Straight out of Hong Kong, Tai Pan Bakery boasts one of the best egg tarts and shredded pork buns in the city. If you’re recovering from the sticker shock of European sweets, then settle for $1.10 egg tart and supplement with mango filled rice balls or taro mousse cake. Also consider sucking down one of their many boba (bubble) tea flavors for a refreshingly sweet liquid dessert! Tai Pan is located on Canal St., the heart of Chinatown, so don’t be deterred by a small crowd. The ladies behind the counter are happy to make sure you leave with enough buns and sponge cakes to last a week!

Italian Sweets

Ferrara Bakery & Café
195 Grand St
Web site

If you were ever a good Italian tourist, you wandered the streets of Rome and admired the ruins with a melting gelato cone in hand. Not only does Ferrara’s have a plentiful selection of gelato, they also have other delectable Italian pastries that allow you to embrace your inner Soprano. Chances are you will walk in with the intention to buy a cannoli (or two) and leave with a bag full of napoleans, fruit tartlets, pignolis, biscotti and tricolor rainbow cookies.

Though the bakery is located in the heart of Little Italy, arguably a huge tourist trap, but its authenticity is validated by the flurry of Italian spoken by both patrons and staff as you sip on your cappuccino or contemplate your sweet selection.

About the author

About the author: Nicole Puhl lives in Manhattan and writes the blog GetNYCd, which explores the nuances and thrills of city life.

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  1. Great article! I love it! Makes me feel like I can go to Europe without leaving my lovely Manhattan. Btw I’m the student who said yours was one of my favorite blogs to the other day!


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