Nice cheap souvenir: Bottle of Pastis

Pastis and Pétanque. Photo by C-Reel
Pastis and Pétanque. Photo by C-Reel

Nothing tastes better or more provencale, than a glass of pastis in the afternoon, before a hearty dish of bouillabaisse, or after dinner. For the love of Cheapo, when in Nice, please bring home a bottle of this delectable aperitif from the south of France.

Cheers back home

In 1915, absinthe, sometimes known as the “green fairy,” was banned in France. Pernod Fils and Ricard reformulated a drink without the illegal wormwood using less alcohol and more star anise and sugar. The strong liqueur is generally mixed with water, five parts to one. Clear on its own, pastis clouds when you add water to it. Use ice with caution as the cubes have a tendency to crystallize the pastis.

Though popular all over France, pastis is heavily associated with the lifestyle of southeastern France. You can pick up a bottle at almost any grocery store or supermarket. A 70 cl bottle will cost about €10.

NOTE: Americans may bring home 1 Liter of alcohol without paying any tariffs or taxes. More bottles may be brought back for personal use, but you will have to pay a tax. Read more on the US Customs website.

While you’re at it…

Pick up a bottle or two of rosé wine. With an emphasis on Mourvedre grapes, up to 80 percent of the wine manufactured in the Provence region is the charmingly pink-colored rosé. And don’t worry about rules governing what months are “okay” to drink rosé… it’s always a good idea, as far as we’re concerned!

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