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photograph courtesy of  Simon_K
photograph courtesy of Simon_K

An interactive article on BBC News today lists Northern Ireland as a favorite travel destination for Londoners. It would appear that continuing stability, increasingly interesting cities, and good airlinks are all paving the weekend break way.

Two cities we’re geared up about are Belfast, where C.S. Lewis was born, and Derry, home of the Sperrin Mountains. (We don’t mean to ignore Lisburn and Newry, friends. We don’t have a lot of space here to splash out.)

We hear St. Patrick’s Day in Belfast will be off the hizzle this year. Of less seasonally specific relevance are the mini-packages offered at Derry area hotels. Some of these are of remarkably good value.

And here’s another lucky charm. Patrick Bronte, father of the famous Bronte sisters (Emily, Anne and Charlotte) was born on March 17, 1777. You can visit the original Bronte home in Banbridge by taking a quick jig east of Newry. We wonder if March 17 will see a birthday celebration.

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