NYTimes Escapes: Barcelona


Today’s New York Times Escapes extends its 36-hour attentions to the Catalan capital. No shocker here, but the Times’ version of Barcelona isn’t exactly Cheapo-friendly.

This acknowledged, Andrew Ferren’s article nicely handles Barcelona retail, beaches, museums, and even the best view of the skyline from an amusement park ferris wheel. Whichever way you tweak it, Barcelona remains exciting, and Ferren’s article nails the city’s charms—and also comes up with plenty of suggestions for a weekend’s worth of activities.

Most of Ferren’s dining recommendations soar above Cheapo budgets. Given Barcelona’s current culinary reputation, we have no doubt that these restaurants are worth the splurge. And, if all this extravagance is too much for your wallet, you can always find budget relief in our Barcelona guide.

About the author

Laura's intro to international travel began with a study abroad program in 2003, living in a 12th-century medieval castle in Well, the Netherlands. Every weekend, Laura traveled extensively around Europe, staying in dark, windowless, 12-bedded dorms... Ah, sweet memories! After completing her BFA degree in writing, literature and publishing from Emerson College, Laura moved to New York City and joined the crew of EuroCheapo. Although her travel these days is mostly limited to taking the Chinatown bus between Philadelphia, New York and Boston, she dreams of returning to Europe soon.

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