Orange You Glad You Came?

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photograph courtesy of lindagattino
photograph courtesy of lindagattino

Americans like to go nuts and have food fights.

Spaniards like to throw “des tomatoes.” The annual La Tomatina festival, in which locals throw tomatoes at each other every August in Buñol near Valencia, establishes Spain’s crazy tomato credentials.

It turns out that Americans and Spaniards aren’t the only ones throwing food around in the name of crazy. Locals in Ivrea, Italy, 50 kilometers west of Milano, like to fight their own battles with freshly picked pre-Lent oranges.

Ashes to ashes, they all fall down.

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En junio 2000, Kari moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina and never looked back...until she ran out of pesos. After another round of bank riots, the travel lady bug moved to more stable financial ground: Wall Street. (Hey, no laughing!) Currently the Listings Manager for Over There Interactive for cold, hard cash, she is also a co-author of The Maneater Murder Mystery Series and Venue Goddess for Lit Crawl NYC.

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