Orchid Shows: London’s Antidote to Street-Slush

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photograph courtesy of jaki_good
photograph courtesy of jaki_good

In today’s New York Times Escapes section, Ethan Gilsdorf suggests a respite from the season’s snowy sleet-slush: orchid shows.

Okay, so looking at flowers won’t warm you up the way hot cocoa by the fireside will, but just think of the oasis provided by a hot, tropical greenhouse.

And if you’re in London, you’re in luck, because the Royal Botanical Kew Gardens is currently hosting the internationally acclaimed Tropical Flower and Orchid Festival—now through March 4, 2007.

The orchid is an impressively multifaceted flower. Over 30,000 species of the adaptive little flower grow in a range of climates. Orchids come in many sumptuous sizes, shapes, and colors. Their mere presence might just warm you up.

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