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Gettin’ Rudas
photograph courtesy of generationexpat.com

One of the wonders of the world can be found in Budapest. We’re talking, of course, about soothing thermal spring baths. Exploited back in the day by both the Romans and the Turks, thermal spring baths continue to ease the stresses and strains of life for locals and visitors alike in contemporary Budapest. Check out Budapest Spas and Hot Springs for overviews of 15 baths in Budapest.

Among the oldest and most exquisite baths in operation in Budapest today are the Rudas baths (Döbrentei tér 9, telephone: +36-1-356-1322), where six pools, three saunas, and two steam rooms await. Visitors to the Budapest Spas and Hot Springs site have voted Rudas the third most popular baths in town.

Renovated in 2005 in a manner that maintains its exquisite Ottoman architectural details, the Rudas spa gives its guests the opportunity to slip not only into calming spring water but also into an altogether different time.

Massages using two different techniques are available: orvosi, which is relaxing and meant to restore the body’s balance, and vizí, which is meant to, well, beat your muscles into submission. Try both techniques. If you have ovaries, make sure to call ahead. On most days, baths are open exclusively to men.

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