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Tesco Express
Tesco is a giant supermarket chain that has express branches in London. Photo: Kake
While we’d love to encourage you to do all your shopping at one of London’s markets, stocking up on food in a supermarket is going to ease your budget. Britain has several huge supermarket chains, and their dominance is a big issue with London locals: many people are concerned about how they have put independent » Read more


Amsterdam Clog
You are more likely to see a tourist inside a clog then on a Dutch person's foot. Photo: Arnold Fang
Parisians are rude, London is expensive and everyone in Barcelona washes down a huge paella with a liter of sangria. While European stereotypes live off of exaggeration, there’s always a hint of truth to them somewhere. As a global city with a long tradition of liberal policies, the Dutch capital is no exception. Travelers arrive » Read more

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Paris Sorbonne
Heading to Paris for a study abroad program? You'll soon join students like these relaxing at the Sorbonne. Photo: AmitLev
If you’re a university student, chances are you may be planning your study abroad trip. If you’re lucky enough to be coming to Paris, you’ve got a lot to look forward to! Summer students have just descended upon the streets of Paris, and the fall semester and year-long students are on their way. If you’re coming » Read more

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Stairs suitcase
Here are some pointers to lighten your load and save you some cash before taking off for Europe. Photo: Ulf Bodin
Preparing to take off for a big European adventure? You’ve got your flights and hotels booked, and are already thinking about what to pack. The anticipation can be so much fun. However, as responsible Cheapos, we must point out that this is also a critical moment to examine the “small print” of your trip. After » Read more

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Berlin Brandenberg Gate
The Brandenberg Gate is one of the highlghts of Berlin's Fan Mile. Photo: Russell C
This Sunday marks the end of the FIFA World Cup run for 2014, and unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Germany qualified for this year’s final with their stunning defeat of Brazil’s national team 7-1 Tuesday. (If you have been living under a rock, you can catch the highlights here.) They’ll » Read more

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La Rambla
When visiting Barcelona for the first time, make sure to see a lot more than just the touristy sights along La Rambla. Photo: woutt
Despite being a “small” big city of just 1.5 million people, Barcelona can feel overwhelming to the 8 million tourists who visit each year from across the globe. From staying in the wrong location during your visit to eating a frozen paella warmed up just for tourists, it’s easy to fall into tourist traps… especially » Read more


Brick Lane
Brick Lane, packed with curry houses, is just one of the many sights in the City of London. Photo: Garry Knight
If you’re heading to London for work or just wish to explore the business heart of the city, then this is the area for you. However, unlike many urban hubs that see their business district shut down as night falls, London’s City area borders some of the most popular night spots in the capital, boasting » Read more


Doner in Berlin
Doner kapabs can be enjoyed in the afternoon, evening, or on any random street corner at 2 AM. Photo: roboppy
Cheapos traveling throughout Europe delight upon arriving to Berlin—after weeks of spending mad cash on “cheap” eats, from $7.50 falafels in France to $10 hot dogs in Scandinavia, Berlin offers budget travelers’ pocketbooks a reprieve. Throughout the city you’ll have no problem finding delicious meal deals, like a döner kebap piled with fresh toppings for » Read more

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Disneyland Paris
Disneyland Paris attracts an impressive number of visitors each year. But is it worth it? Photo: Luca Di Ciaccio
Disneyland Paris—the words that strike fear in so many, and joy in so many others. I’ve been there. And I’d go again. But is it really worth leaving Paris to visit? Before you start rolling your eyes, know that in 2013, nearly 15 million visitors thought it was worth it to make the trip. So » Read more

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Look like a local as you stroll Madrid's Gran Via. Photo: Tom Meyers
Look like a local as you stroll Madrid's Gran Via. Photo: Tom Meyers
The day has come. You’re packing a bag for your trip to Madrid, Spain’s largest city. Seeing that lugging three rolling suitcases is neither savvy nor cost-effective, you have to be choosey with clothes, shoes and accessories. So should you pack the sandals or the sneakers? Just jeans or slacks, too? Here are some tips » Read more

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