Pamplona: The Importance of Reading Ernest

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photograph courtesy of  minicloud
photograph courtesy of minicloud

When it’s gross and rainy we dream of the sun. More precisely, we dream of stifling, heat-heavy days in Pamplona during the fiesta of San Fermin. Yes, that’s right. On cold, rainy days we fantasize about long lazy summer afternoons spent camped at a café sipping coffee or cognac, awaiting the wild magic of the nights to come.

We’re determined to have our fantasy, too. We’re going to Spain, and we’re taking our boy Ernest with us. Or, rather, he’s taking us. If snow or rain is keeping you indoors too—for that matter, even if it isn’t—grab a copy of The Sun Also Rises or cognac, we won’t judge—and your book, and migrate to a café in sunny Spain for a fiesta.

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Suzanne Russo

About the author: Suzanne Russo thinks of herself as equal parts California Girl and New Yorker. She moved from San Francisco to New York four years ago to pursue her MA in English, and her obsession with all things New York life and history hasn’t dwindled yet. She is a freelance writer, director of the San Francisco-sponsored, New York literary pub crawl, Lit Crawl, and constant wanderer.

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