Paris: A €6 Night at the Opera


Photo by barraclough

There are two world-class opera houses in Paris, and we’re happy to report that they both sell cheap last-minute tickets. Just show up an hour before the performance and wait in line – and yes, you can wear whatever you want, even jeans. Tickets prices are quite inexpensive, ranging from €5 to €10, depending on location.

Competition for last-minute seats is fierce at the historic opera house, Opéra Garnier, but tickets are almost always available at the post-modern Opéra Bastille, especially on weeknights. Both venues are under the direction of the Opéra de Paris, and both maintain busy production schedules. In April alone, there are four operas, five ballets, and two classical concerts between the two houses: information and schedules for the productions are online.

Opéra Garnier is located at Place de l’Opéra, 8th arrondissement, metro Opéra (lines 3 & 7; the connection to line 8 reopens May 18 2007). Finding the ticket office at Opéra Garnier is easy: walk through the main doors into the huge marble hall and go right.

Opéra Bastille is located at Place de la Bastille, 12th arrondissement, metro Bastille (lines 1, 5, & 8). To find the ticket office, you have to walk around the building to the right of the teenagers who lounge and smoke on the giant staircase. Ah, Paris…

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